New Feature Release - AI Assistant Report Writer

PerCina Report recently launched its new AI Assistant Report Writer - combining the latest AI technology along with specific credit training.

Tuesday 27 February 2024

New Feature Release - AI Assistant Report Writer

PerCina Report is revolutionizing the use of AI in credit memo drafting and preparation. Now with the push of a button, PerCina Report will automatically answer credit questions for any company, helping credit analysts' streamline report preparation, tap into greater insights in seconds, ultimately driving greater efficiency and thoroughness when writing structured credit memorandums or deal prescreens.


Transforming Credit Underwriting
  • The Report Writer AI Assistant automatically generates detailed company overviews, providing credit analysts with comprehensive insights into the background, operations, and financial standing of the companies being underwritten, in seconds, written in a format just like a credit analyst.

  • The tool conducts in-depth marketplace analysis, delivering valuable information on industry trends, competitive landscape, and market dynamics, customers and more, enabling credit managers to anticipate market shifts and make more informed underwriting decisions, faster.

  • With its automated functionality, the Report Writer AI Assistant significantly reduces the time and effort required to prepare reports, allowing analysts to easily prepare world-class pre-screens and investment memoranda, with minimal manual work.

  • The tool removes individual underwriting biases and provides independent, comprehensive insights and analysis, empowering credit analysts to make more informed, data-driven decisions.


PerCina Report AI Assistant Screenshot

Cover Image by kiquebg from Pixabay