New Feature Release - Equipment Value Forecaster

Now available for all users is PerCina Report’s Equipment Value Forecaster, an innovative solution for the any user interested in the future value of equipment.

Tuesday 3 October 2023

New Feature Release - Equipment Value Forecaster

The Equipment Value Forecaster simplifies equipment managers’ jobs by providing instant value curves for all major asset types on a confidential basis. The Equipment Value Forecaster provides as many as four different values for the user, including future fair market (“FMV”) value installed, future FMV in-exchange, future orderly liquidation value and future forced liquidation value. These values can be used for pricing booked residual values on new lease transactions, as well as analyzing the reasonability of balloon payments and collateral coverage over the term of the financing. The Equipment Value Forecaster can also adjust future values due to excess or reduced usage.

The benefits of using the Equipment Value Forecaster are:

    • Independent 3rd party opinion of value (management & auditors prefer this)
    • Completely confidential (no one sees your transaction information)
    • Flexibility in calculating booked residual risk positions
    • Based on significant research (resource savings) & resale data
    • Instant access to values curves (no waiting 2-3 days for feedback from your sources) at the push of a button
        ◦ Download the equipment values or
        ◦ Upload the equipment value curves directly into you PerCina Report credit memo
    • Audit trail for research / conclusions

Photo by cottonbro studio